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The voice might be gruffer for the new track but Matt has being doing his utmost to ensure it's not too rough for his upcoming live gigs, including Clyde 1 Live at Glasgow's SECC on December 13.
It's still remarkably quiet but you will hear more of the gruffer oil-burner than its petrol sister, though fuel consumption is better with a claimed mixed cycle of 47mpg.
Some of the women liked to act like men, they would speak in gruffer voices on purpose, would dress in suits and curse at each other.
Believe it or not, Clark's voice is gruffer than ever, but no less rich and still brimming with contradictory inflection.
The Focus is no longer the newest kid on the block and this is evident in the fact that the diesel engine feels gruffer now than I remembered it and while the ride is still superb there are rivals that now match it in this regard.
WORCESTER - He is one of Central Massachusetts' most prominent businessmen, a multimillionaire with a gruff voice and even gruffer personality, who abhors public attention but of late can't seem to avoid it.
My associate teacher had a gruffer attitude than me and looked at me funny when I took a gentler approach.
Trainwreck," a track from youthful up-and-comers The Sammies blends punky-catchiness and bar-room rock 'n' roll to forge a sound that recalls a less-grizzled Replacements or a gruffer Lemonheads.
And we marvelled at Cy Tucker, He was followed everywhere, The velvet voice got gruffer, As he belted out my prayer.
At first I thought the playing might be a mite too restrained, a little polite for some of Beethoven's gruffer forays into rustic humour.
The old man speaks awkwardly, gruffer than he wants to be.
But meaningless stats aside, it does have a different character too, feeling a touch gruffer, sportier and more engaging, and with a racy little blip in the revs when the DSG gearbox shifts down a cog.