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His considerable erudition, grounded as a scholar of accomplishment in Jewish studies, was clothed in gruffness, making him an unusual mixture of earthy and intellectual.
What follows is a brief Q&A, a smattering of Dustin's musings and misgivings about his life and times as a small-town newspaper editor-owner--a mix of the scalawag in Studs Terkel, the gruffness of Red Smith and the gravitas of Editor
One mistake callers make is to blow the chuckle without adding some gruffness.
Emma flinched at his gruffness, chastening herself for making him the object of her vain and childish desires, for disregarding her mother's most obvious lesson, that a man's brief sweetness would lead only to endless chores, and a whole lot of bitterness.
One of the pleasures of Fleming's Bond books is their raw, uncensored style of a gruffness their author shared with his secret-agent creation.
The heavy drawl and gruffness which evokes Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave is perfect.
But I didn't quite realise how expensive it would be at times," and he forces out a rasping laugh, wondering in an aside if the gruffness in his voice gives the Scrooge character a bit more roundness.
Adi looked out a window and said in his best Franconian manner,'' Linke said, referring to the region's people, who are known for their gruffness.
June 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Although New Yorkers may sometimes enjoy their global reputation for gruffness, Reader's Digest has found that the Big Apple is tops in courtesy when measured against other big cities around the world.
He's taller and thinner than he appears in photos, and more grandfatherly than his Marlboro-man, boots-and-mustache gruffness suggests.