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could be a grumbler of the sort who say that mankind feeds on what is
IT'S not often that a manager extends a welcome to a moaner, but Middlesbrough boss Tony Mowbray is delighted to have Aussie grumbler Scott McDonald back.
Napoleon Bonaparte, the first dictator of the modern totalitarian state, observed: "A journalist is a grumbler, a censurer, a giver of advice, a regent of sovereigns, a tutor of nations.
He wasn't a grumbler and we figured since he was gone, we wouldn't be grumbling either.
The greatest difficulty here, in fact, came where Marlene surreptitiously modulated from the farmyard to the sickbed: slaphakskeentjie, literally little-limp-ankle, technically a sweet-sour onion salad, here links with Milla's degenerative disease, and klakous, not as far as I know a plant disease, is literally a grumbler, but kous (stocking) links with the hakskeen (ankle) of the previous word.
Less wary of women's power and less defensive of masculine privilege, they might have better understood the bond between a deserted mother and her children, or the need for a woman to free herself from a lazy gambler, a fault-finding grumbler, or a hitter.
Indeed, this unforgettable soloist very tellingly managed to distinguish the two comic levels in the part--the artful village matchmaker and the respectful rather dim grumbler in the service of the two ladies.
It merely brands you as the department's top grumbler, grouch and complainer.
He must also have the hide of a rhinoceros; the public is a habitual grumbler, never so happy as when complaining that it hasn't had its money's worth.
In his correspondence it is notable how often Morris aligns himself with the figure of the grumbler or obstinate complainant.
Kykendall, an 800- and 1,600-meter specialist at Hart High, had devolved into something of a self-admitted grumbler in the fall, continually complaining, along with his teammates, about the physical strain they were putting on their bodies.
His reputation as a grumbler traveled far and wide.