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If you're attached, it will stop you being quite so grumbly with your other half - or they with you.
At its heart, however, is Crescent Moon, a spooky song with gloriously grumbly guitar.
During his almost eight years writing this column, Bryan has provided perspective and insight on topics ranging from the mystery of evil to the joys of a vegetable garden, from extraterrestrials to "smorgasboard Catholicism," from liturgical lapses to unexpected health scares, and from accountability in the sex abuse crisis to the lessons he learned from the gruff and grumbly Father Henkel.
The dwarfs were also all fantastic in the roles, with a special mention to Grumbly (Natalie Scott), Snoozy (Eden Mitchell) and Sniffle (Joshua Coombridge).
Attempts to change his diet, however, result in weakness and a very grumbly, rumbly tummy.
The usual response is a grumbly, "I'm not doing that.
I was feeling a bit grumbly about having to drive three hours just to get to one gallery.
Earle's gruff vocal and grumbly guitar strikes up an unlikely union with Micarelli's melodic soar, and the results are such that they'll surely repeat the experiment before too long.
It wasn't much - he was just grumbly for a week or two.
The 1.8 is free revving and smooth, but the diesel, although grumbly at times, actually has better performance and economy.
People who've lasted several decades in skating tend to split into two camps: The minority who relish and delight in every new trend, pro, and trick (the Jake Phelpses and Dave Duncanses of this world), and everybody else: The more grumbly masses who cling to their beloved era--be it Dogtown, EMB, or Baker 2G--and deride the younger dudes as pretenders to a sacred throne.
Its 2.5-litre turbo diesel engine is gruff and grumbly but has enough torque pulling power to heave the beast to 60mph in around 12 seconds, while still returning around 30mpg in mixed driving, selecting two-wheel drive for economy.