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Black Country dads have been labelled the grumpiest in the UK
He said: "Comedy is an art but, like many things, there are ways and means to get a giggle going in even the grumpiest of people.
Noah is known to always deliver laughter even to the grumpiest of people.
best business The Apprentice (BBC One Wales, Wednesday, 9pm) MORE besuited show-offs, pin-stripe prats and pencil-skirted prima donnas return this week to try and win the favour of the grumpiest Sid James look-a-like in business.
When you throw in a poor set of playing partners for the first two days - Manassero has been paired with two of the grumpiest operators on the US Tour in Stuart Appleby and Ryan Palmer - everything points to a challenging four days for the European Tour's latest wonderboy.
The survey shows the North-West is grumpiest region, with four in every 100 people there saying they're always angry.
It's that adage about how if you're going to marry someone - if the NCAA is going to say yes to Eugene as a permanent host - you'd better know what that someone is like at their grumpiest.
4: Who have been chosen as Britain's grumpiest workers in a poll by TV channel GOLD?
Kelton never misses a fundraiser when someone is in need and she's nice to the grumpiest of customers.
In Jeremy Tankard's Grumpy Bird, our main character gets up one morning in the grumpiest of moods.
Question: What is the grumpiest creature in the sea?
On to this recording, listening to which should make even the grumpiest old -- or young -- listener a lot less grumpy.