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Shocked, I somewhat grumpily asked people not to lift me up as I wanted to check I'd broken nothing.
"Phil was fuming that Holly had a crayon crown airbrushed on to her head while he was crownless and pictured grumpily looking on in her shadow."
"While decorating a lobby, she accidentally showers architect Steven (Bennett) in artificial snow and he grumpily claims that while he likes Christmas, he doesn't see the need for all the hoopla.
Liz, promise you'll apologise when I bring her back?" I nodded grumpily while Jo walked off to have a chat with Mariam.
Loppy's trying to grow perfect petunias again!" Much later, Loppy grumpily came to Curly in the garden to listen to a story about how petunias grow, which is all over the place, in all directions in a way that can't be controlled.
When the miserable weather claims her seaside village, she grumpily tucks herself away beneath her quilts and will not venture outdoors.
I sat grumpily in the hot afternoon sun and bit into a slice.
Typical Thursday afternoon traffic gave me plenty of time to examine all of the car's cool features while I was sitting still grumpily on the busy highway.
The wizened buffalo in a forest of bamboo trees is aptly named Misanthrope, as it glares grumpily at you, a shaft of sunlight lighting up his heavy horns.
The dancers from the stage schools are adorable and the young audience participants were particularly funny on press night due to the little girl who grumpily refused to cooperate with the Moo song.
MY boiler is playing up so I'm shivering grumpily under icy jets every morning.