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"Innovative new products will continue to drive growth in kitchen electrics," Fraser said, adding that he is "guardedly optimistic that the category, housewares and cookware, will grow in the 5 percent range in 1998."
And Mr Simms remained "guardedly optimistic" yesterday that the medicine had worked.
Polled before they headed home for the holidays, executives of the top suppliers in personal care, kitchen electric and floor care gave a guardedly optimistic outlook for their businesses in 1998.
"We use a lot of non-professional models and he's on our books," says marketing manager Lucy Collin guardedly.
A FA spokesman guardedly said: "We can confirm that the vast majority of clubs have responded to our request to forward the documentation to the Immigration Services.
As shares in the Irish stock market fell into line with most of the rest of the world by heading upwards in response to the US Federal Reserve move - aimed at heading off a possible recession on the other side of the Atlantic - Dublin-based analysts reacted guardedly.
Simon Marsh, one of Umbro's senior executives, said guardedly: "We are not entitled to discuss these contracts and all I'm prepared to say is that there would be significant sums based on success for either Alan or Michael."
"They were all very nice and mucked in and drove tractors," he replies guardedly. "But I had to learn how to plough a field with four Shire horses.
But hero pilot Paul Hopkins said guardedly: "I don't know what I'd make of this.''
The Syrian government guardedly welcomed the proposal, but said any initiative must be respected by both sides.
Nigel Lickley, QC, told the court it was necessary for Tabak to be quizzed about the new matters - but spoke guardedly to avoid revealing full details.
Though the economy has been slowly but surely rebounding from its recent doldrums and the healthcare design industry has been guardedly optimistic about the coming months, every now and again a dastardly little reminder pops up to show that no, we are not out of the woods just yet.