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1) At the start of the twentieth century Coleridge was known more for her literary reviews and novels than for the two slim limited-edition volumes of poems Fancy's Following (1896) and Fancy's Guerdon (1897), but it seems that the recovery of her poetic work is now assured.
Accordingly, he was happy for the grandiloquence of the King James Bible and Book of Common Prayer to persist as some guerdon of their authority and even to echo in the prose of literary scholars.
er EARn [cordon] blEAU bERth wERE ERRs ERREd miliEU massEURs chauffEUREd messiEURS [pas de] dEUX wHIRled wHIRRs wHIRREd wHORls tIERce fIRs stIRREd mObius OEil-de-bOEUf fOEHn OERsted [cri de] cOEUR cOLOnel wORd scOURge fUrry gUERdon de rigUEUR liqUEUREd sURf bURRs fURREd mYrrhy mYRtle mYRRnong mYRRH
Guerdon Greenway of the Department of Radiology, who has specialized in orthopaedic aspects of radiology.
31) On other occasions, she insisted on her position as unmoved mover, such as the time when Parliament pressed her to marry and settle the succession out of her duty to the kingdom and she refused to be compelled: "For a guerdon constrained and a gift freely given can never agree together," she scolded.
Will it be her proud destiny at length to bear relief to the suffering millions, and with that soft hand which might inspire troubadors and guerdon knights, break the last links in the chain of Saxon thraldom?
Craig Reynolds, the Company's chief financial officer, said, "The second quarter results reflect not only continued momentum in our core southwestern operations but also, for the first time, the positive results of our recent manufacturing acquisitions -- Guerdon and Heartland.
27, 1996--American Homestar Corporation (Nasdaq/NM:HSTR) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Guerdon Homes, Inc.
For these have the toil and the guerdon That the wind has eternally: these Have part in the boon and the burden Of the sleepless unsatisfied breeze, That finds not, but seeking rejoices That possession can work him no wrong.
HelpUbuild-CA continues to expand its offering of homes from major manufacturers including Barvista, Cavco, Fleetwood, Guerdon, Hallmark Southwest, Laurel Creek and Palm Harbor.
McMenemy of North Hampton; three brothers: Guerdon "Kenny" Bennett of Northborough, Keith Bennett of Northborough and Peter Bennett of Marlborough; one sister, Marilyn MacAlister of Northborough; three granddaughters: Dorian, Rachel and Katia; her mother-in-law, Betty McMenemy of Northborough; as well as many nieces and nephews.