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Last month, she revealed that Marciano personally asked her to be the model of Guess.
Marciano co-founded Guess in 1981 and has been its executive chairman and chief creative officer since 2015.
GUESS is the pillar brand in the diffusion segment for Marcolin Group, offering eyewear collections which fully embody the core values of the brand, characterized by trendy modern silhouettes.
He invites five lucky members of the studio audience to guess the price of merchandise.
After acquiring the companies, they will become part of a respective unit of Guess and Co.
The Guess collection presents 12 women's acetate styles with fashionable silhouettes and trademark Guess styling (pictured above is 'Guess GU7408').
Not only did he guess eight words in 30 seconds - the most words guessed - he's won Dh5,000 with Toys R Us Middle East, which he is donating to charity.
Paul Marciano, a founder of Guess, wrote in an email, referring to his first meeting with Chopra last spring that he knew instantly that he wanted to photograph her for Guess.
Tiesto understands the GUESS lifestyle so well," said Paul Marciano, CEO and Creative Director for GUESS, Inc.
He or she must guess in which hand the opponent (sitting across from him) is hiding the unmarked bone.
Then the batter's best response is to always guess fastball.
STILL chuckling about the quote from ITV about the new celebrity version of Stars In Their Eyes called Guess The Star.