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Three guesses; four guesses; five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten she made, and still not one of them was right!
The next may have twelve guesses, instead of eleven, for there are now twelve persons transformed into ornaments.
"I guess she is now," the other cried, defiantly; "she's mine 'cause I saved her.
"Guess I'll come with you on any terms," said Ferrier, with such emphasis that the grave Elders could not restrain a smile.
"I guess hell must look something like that," said a voice.
"I guess you're the same in all places, shoving your advice in when nobody asks for it."
She and Ethan looked at each other in silence; then she said, as she had said the night before: "I guess it's about time for supper."
Morison creep could he have guessed that they were revolving in the brain of a savage creature creeping stealthily among the branches of the forest giant beneath which he waited the coming of "Hanson" and the girl.
He would have deserted this terrifying master had he had the opportunity; but Baynes guessed that some such thought might be in the other's mind, and so gave the fellow none.
A wreath of what looked at first like purple brooms appeared below the vase, but Rose guessed what they were meant for, and stood straight up, holding by his shoulder, and crying excitedly
"Don't you go to bed for half-an-hour, and I guess you'll hear from me again."
'Don't want to be disturbed, I guess. He'll find out his error a few years from now.