guess correctly

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My eyesight, however, was then perhaps the soundest thing about me, and in a little I had deciphered enough to guess correctly (as it proved) at the whole: -
And when asked what the current UK retirement age was for men and women, just 15% were able to guess correctly. One in three (34%) expected the retirement age to rise, fearing that they may never retire.
Could she guess correctly? Yes, I was knocked out in the first round.
Players click on "thought bubbles" in a cloudy evening sky above a dreamy city, to win points for each letter they guess correctly, or lose points for each guess that's wrong.
If they guess correctly their meal is free of charge - if they don't, they pay.
If both guess correctly, it is a draw and the bones are hidden again.
Those who guess correctly, will proceed to the next round.
Which helps everyone guess correctly the meaning: reserved, unwilling to say much and slightly stern.
It's clear that this level of planning amounts to no more than a guessing game, but that point was underscored even further when Boomers were asked which they were more likely to guess correctly, exactly how much money they'll have (or need) at the point of retirement or how many gumballs are in the jar at the local county fair.
Security measures that focus on specific tactics or targets are a waste of money unless we guess correctly, and the terrorists choose plots that deliberately avoid our guesses.
All you have to do is guess the five celebrities inside the car and for each one you guess correctly you'll win pounds 1,000 !
The author shows readers how to become "test-wise" by developing the right mindset, devising an effective study plan, knowing how to guess correctly and how to rebound if you fail a test.