guess right

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How could you guess right, where your betters have failed, you stupid fowl?
They knew when I had my teeth out and a new set made; they knew when I put on a false front- piece; they knew when the fruit peddler asked me to be his third wife--I never told 'em, an' you can be sure HE never did, but they don't NEED to be told in this village; they have nothin' to do but guess, an' they'll guess right every time.
You can see by that whether I guess right or wrong," said Stepan Arkadyevitch, gazing at Levin with a subtle smile.
My friends," said he, "princes and counsellors of the Argives, shall I guess right or wrong?
KEVIN MASON (DIRECTOR): The challenge is trying to second-guess what the public will want from the place and that varies over time - guess right and the income follows.
It was a definite penalty at the end, but their keeper did well to guess right.
It is wonderful, when you guess right," Buse added.
The report considers behavior including the guess right ratio and retention rates, as well as best investor practices, such as investment selection, retirement savings behavior, and communicating risk in its objective of educating investors on the importance of their behavior and the consequences their decisions have on financial outcomes.
Sometimes they guess right, and sometimes they don't guess right.
But just which of the 27 contenders will be judged winners - the very best of the best - will be anyone's guess right up until the envelopes are opened, Oscar style.
Best guess right now is that rates will increase by 1.