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California's 16 ballot measures, freighted with murky language and unintended consequences, only encourage the Clueless Guessers.
What you need in this game are thinkers not guessers - and William Haggas falls firmly in the former category.
But he is one of those coves who will let the horses do the talking, rather than him the waffling, and is serenely happy to leave speculation to the guessers.
The three best guessers will receive a lavish online shopping spree.
IT'S another week for guessers on the European Tour with Castello di Tolcinasco, just a couples of drives and five-irons from Milan city centre, hosting its first Italian Open.
You're seeing second guessers out there,'' he said.
Last year, when capital-market funding was generous, the second guessers were out in force.
Attack patterns monitored include: Uncovering password guessers, curious users, file browsers, compromised user IDs, password cracking attempts, network doorknob attacks, privileged ID abuse, data flooding and packet browsing.
Thankfully, there are far more rational methods of winning the Scoop6 that give the professionals among you an advantage over the benighted lucky guessers.
In the last 12 years the race has been won by Godolphin four times, Aidan O'Brien three, John Dunlop twice and such well-known guessers as John Gosden, Jeremy Noseda and Tim Easterby - not a bad six-a-side team by anyone's reckoning.
Whether they are more knowledgeable about Leicester history or just better guessers, the winners for the first 10 months of 2009 were seven women and three men.
When they are finished, guessers are told to open their eyes and to try and guess all the changes that were made.