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He earns 0 for guessing a slider and 1 for guessing a fastball, so he guesses fastball.
Meanwhile, let the probability the batter guesses fastball be [[sigma].
1998) using an approach which controlled for the effects of the subjects' guesses on their ERPs to psi targets.
Compliance in this study was assessed by shaping guesses for pressing a panel fast or slow, and then looking to see if the rate of panel pressing corresponded to guesses (cf.
Point totals for current guesses and the session were shown below the questions.
Then they added up all the guesses for each ball and divided it by 24 to get the average guess.
So far, we've had guesses ranging from pounds 250 to pounds 1,700.
Only guesses submitted on-line using the procedure above will qualify for the $20,000 prize.
TWO lucky residents have won an MP3 player for the most accurate guesses at how many books there are in Sandwell's mobile library.
Little support emerged for the theory that a student develops an abstract mental framework, or "schema," for a particular subject, from which he or she generates educated guesses that produce correct responses to memory tests, they argue.
In the event that someone guesses the correct combination to the cyber-vault, the insurance policy will pay the $100,000 winning prize.
BUSINESS WIRE)--May 28, 1996--AT&T's Really Big Contest generated thousands of guesses ranging from one to several quadrillion, with 88 lucky contestants each winning $888 by narrowing their guesses to around half a billion.