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If Tom could have seen the crafty smile on the face of the Spaniard as the man left the hotel, the young inventor might have felt even less confidence in the guide.
Besides," she added, in a low and hurried voice, casting a glance at the distant Cora, who slowly followed the footsteps of their silent, but sullen guide, "it may be a friend added to our strength, in time of need.
Entering one of the Durham buildings, they found a number of other visitors waiting; and before long there came a guide, to escort them through the place.
And he caused one of his attendants to mount his own led horse, and give that upon which he had hitherto ridden to the stranger, who was to serve for a guide.
Not yet," said my Guide, "the time will come for that.
After two hours the guide stopped the elephant, and gave him an hour for rest, during which Kiouni, after quenching his thirst at a neighbouring spring, set to devouring the branches and shrubs round about him.
Follow me, sir;" and without ascending the stairs the guide conducted him by a subterraneous passage to another entrance.
Taking one of the Diggers for a guide, they set off along the river, and to their joy soon found the country free from snow, as had been predicted, so that their horses once more had the benefit of tolerable pasturage.
The hunters who had acted as guides knew nothing of the character of the river below; what rocks, and shoals, and rapids might obstruct it, or through what mountains and deserts it might pass.
Well, the guide goes with the barbershop, with the billiard-table, with the gasless room, and may be with many another pretty romance of Paris.
My head man had never before been in this part of the country and the guides who were to have accompanied me from the last village we passed knew even less of the country than we.
The guide lights his pipe, and reminds me that he warned us against the weather before we started for our ride.