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Guided imagery is a flexible intervention whose efficacy has been indicated through a large body of research over many decades in counseling and allied fields.
You are about to begin a journey back in time to meet researchers in the helping profession who will help you better understand the scientific validation for the use of guided imagery .
Guided imagery was defined by Bresler and Rossman, co-founders of the Academy for Guided Imagery, as a, "range of techniques from simple visualization and direct imagery-based suggestion through metaphor and storytelling" (2003).
PHILADELPHIA -- The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia today announced the launch of daily guided walking tours of historic Philadelphia during the summer season.
The Constitutional Guided Walking Tour is Philadelphia's only walking tour that is offered daily with frequent departures throughout the day from the Independence Visitor Center at 6th & Market Streets.
This study compared undergraduates' notes after traditional lecture, lecture with slides, and lecture with slides plus guided notes.
Some researchers have advocated the use of guided notes (e.
References: Request phone numbers of clients who have been guided within the past year.
Angela Bowers, a Scottsdale-based psychologist, today announced the launch of two compact discs: "Embracing Healing: Guided Imagery for Surgical Patients" and "Transforming Anxiety: Guided Imagery for Anxiety, Panic Attack or Chronic Stress.
Guided imagery is a powerful process which encourages the visualization of relaxing thoughts while being led by specific instructions and prompts.
The most obvious dividend is safety: None of the six climbers who died on Mount McKinley last year were part of guided groups.
And none of last year's 12 major rescue efforts involved guided groups, even though more than a quarter of all climbers were guided.