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Comparison of platelet-rich plasma, bovine porous bone mineral, and guided tissue regeneration versus platelet-rich plasma and bovine porous bone mineral in the treatment of intrabony defects: a reentry study.
For guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures, collagen membranes have been shown to be comparable to non-absorbable membranes with regard to probing depth reduction, clinical attachment gain, and percent of bone fill.
Sullivan, University of Oklahoma, " The resorbable Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) membrane developed by Inion has in preclinical studies suggested bioactivity that no other membrane on the market currently possesses.
This cell therapy, when combined with proven techniques of guided tissue regeneration, is state-of- the-art technology that offers a new and exciting way to treat soft tissue defects in the oral cavity.
As senior scientist, he participated in the development of the ATRISORB(R) GTR Barrier, a bioabsorbable, guided tissue regeneration device used in periodontal surgery, and the ATRIDOX(R) antibiotic therapy, a sustained drug release treatment for periodontal disease.
Guided tissue regeneration has become an emerging science in treating various connective tissue diseases.
Compared with GORE RESOLUT Regenerative Material, which has been used clinically since 1993, GORE RESOLUT XT Regenerative Material extends the spacemaking / cell separation period in guided tissue regeneration by as much as 100%.