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Effect of polylactide/glycolide (PLGA) membranes loaded with metronidazole on periodontal regeneration following guided tissue regeneration in dogs.
Guided tissue regeneration technique: Then crevicular incision was given two teeth distal and mesial to elevate a envelop flap.
Treatment of gingival recessions by combined periodontal regenerative technique, guided tissue regeneration, and subpedicle connective tissue graft.
In the last decades, Guided Tissue Regeneration techniques (GTR) have been applied in treating vari- ous periodontal defects such as infrabony defects, furcation involvement and localized gingival recession defects and it has been suggested that clinical signs of probing attachment gain and bone fill can be accepted as evidence of periodontal regeneration in the evalua- tion of GTR procedures.
Comparison of platelet-rich plasma, bovine porous bone mineral, and guided tissue regeneration versus platelet-rich plasma and bovine porous bone mineral in the treatment of intrabony defects: a reentry study.
Guided Tissue Regeneration Based Treatment of Root Coverage using Placental Membrane Allograft: A Case Report.
Gingival recession usually corrected by a number of procedures including Lateral pedicle flaps (4), Coronally positioned flap (5), Free gingival autografts (6), Semilunar coronally repositioned flap (7), Subepithelial connective tissue autografts (8) and Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) procedures (9).
The objectives of guided tissue regeneration in endodontic surgery is to facilitate tissue regeneration by creating an optimum environment.
PRP in combination with bone allograft and guided tissue regeneration as periodontal therapy for intrabony defects in humans resulted in significant gain in clinical attachment and filling of the treated defects, as revealed by 2-year follow-up.
The fourth chapter continues with the treatment of periodontal regeneration, utilizing guided tissue regeneration, and the fifth examines guided bone regeneration.
Currently, the Company's dental sales force is also marketing Atridox(R), an Atrix Laboratories product to treat adult periodontitis, Atrisorb(R), an Atrix guided tissue regeneration product, and Vioxx(R), a Merck & Co.