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Guidepost Solutions offers global investigations, compliance and monitoring, and security and technology consulting solutions for clients in a range of industries.
High-accuracy location detection - Configuring its Wi-Fi infrastructure for indoor location detection instead of communication using low-power beacon transmission enables Guidepost Cell to provide high-accuracy location detection with minimal power consumption
Stuart Richardson, managing director of UPS Freight, said: "We are proud to support Guideposts with their vision to meet the needs of a disadvantaged group of people and to strengthen their community through the advancement of education and counselling.
Their guideposts, when considered together, are intended to put employees in a position to understand and appreciate their health care benefits.
The packets included the goals of the site, an example of a completed subject Guidepost, the HTML version of that Guidepost, a disk with Guidepost templates on it, a list of the seven HTML tags they would need to know, a list of training sessions they could attend, and contact information for the co-administrators.
Police were called to a report from the ambulance service of the onevehicle collision near Guidepost but emergency services pronounced both men dead at the scene.
He said his company was a perfect fit for Guidepost Solutions, as it adds to its core services and ensure presence in important markets.
Choppington A's 3-0 victory over their B team and Guideposts's 2-1 home defeat to Vet D leaves Guidepost two points adrift in joint third.
The move is in line with Guidepost Solutionsa[euro](tm) strategic growth plans, CEO Andrew O'Connell said in a comment.
The A196 was closed at the Guidepost Roundabout and diversions were put in place.

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