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I think it's a point of really seeing how LCWR will go deeper in terms of its self-understanding with regards to its mission--past, present and future," Guider said.
Sa tournee espagnole devrait le guider a rencontrer Faycal Fajr la nouvelle recrue d'Elche mais la visite de l'entraineur national a Barcelone est la plus attendue.
Le Premier ministre a souligne que les incitations a l'investissement en general sont l'un des principaux outils pour guider les investisseurs a prendre des decisions d'investissement pour realiser les objectifs de developpement de l'Etat, ce qui explique la necessite de propositions d'incitations d'investissement appropriees pour l'environnement legislatif.
Nous avons pleinement confiance qu'il saura guider le JAUC avec discernement et competence.
DeKalb County police said the shootout erupted Thursday as a funeral for Ryan Guider, 19, was wrapped up.
Carol Harper, assistant guider with the group, said: "We're still to decide where we will be going, but one of the trips will definitely be to a pantomime next Christmas.
Paula is a Guider and my granddaughter Abby is now a Brown Owl.
a Taiwanese veteran maker of hand tools, has unveiled its newest AC85 45-degree Deck Angle Guider and Countersink to reinforce its presence in the segment for marine tools.
Said Assistant Guider Elizabeth Thompson: "We included a selection of items to give an idea of who is in the girl guiding movement and what we are about.
CHRISTINE Clarke may have been a Guider for the last 50 years, but she is still looking forward to the next camping trip with her girls.
She was joined on a panel by CUNA Chief Economist Bill Hampel and Herve Guider, general manager of the European Association of Cooperative Banks who hails from Belgium.
General Paulino Matip, the guider of the Nuer Nation, parties to the conflict were brought to the table on March 28, 2009 in the U.

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