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SOCRATES: Then true opinion is as good a guide to correct action as knowledge; and that was the point which we omitted in our speculation about the nature of virtue, when we said that knowledge only is the guide of right action; whereas there is also right opinion.
SOCRATES: Then of two good and useful things, one, which is knowledge, has been set aside, and cannot be supposed to be our guide in political life.
A fellow-creature of some sort, guide or stranger, is near us--help is coming at last!
Then the guide advances near enough to be identified.
They will pick up plenty to eat (the guide says); and when night comes on they will find their own way to shelter in a village hard by.
I discover my traveling companion at the further end of the room, evidently occupied in questioning the guide.
The guide listens as attentively to the second-hand narrative as if it were quite new to him.
We are a good distance from a settlement," agreed the guide.
And doubtless you will find it," was the somewhat too courteous answer of the guide.
Sir Francis watched the procession with a sad countenance, and, turning to the guide, said, "A suttee.
While Sir Francis was speaking, the guide shook his head several times, and now said: "The sacrifice which will take place to-morrow at dawn is not a voluntary one.
The guide now led the elephant out of the thicket, and leaped upon his neck.