guiding principle

See: end, intent, purpose
References in classic literature ?
Our guiding principle seemed to be to get as much sunshine as possible, and to find the easiest road.
Tulliver's feeble beseeching could have had this feather's weight in virtue of her single personality; but whenever she departed from entire assent to her husband, he saw in her the representative of the Dodson family; and it was a guiding principle with Mr.
He had not the knack of surrounding himself with nice people--indeed, for a man of ability and virtue his choice had been singularly unfortunate; he had no guiding principle beyond a certain preference for mediocrity; he was content to settle one of the greatest things in life haphazard, and so, while his investments went right, his friends generally went wrong.
Yet this singular and almost accidental character of his mission agrees with the divine sign which, according to our notions, is equally accidental and irrational, and is nevertheless accepted by him as the guiding principle of his life.
But if you were free to-day, to-morrow, yesterday, can even I believe that you would choose a dowerless girl -- you who, in your very confidence with her, weigh everything by Gain: or, choosing her, if for a moment you were false enough to your one guiding principle to do so, do I not know that your repentance and regret would surely follow.
I have often wondered at the instinctive wisdom of the precaution; unconsciously I was acting on what has been one of my guiding principles ever since.
The T'Chins' guiding principle is "maximize profit," and Ahvren learns from the scholar how this can guide relationships and actions to everyone's advantage.
Oh yes--the reason given for the EU's own actions is the "precautionary principle," which the EU is busily enshrining in every treaty and agreement relating to health, safety, and the environment so that it can be a guiding principle of international law.
In addressing these issues, and in acknowledging there may be instances when full compliance may not be possible, the guiding principle must be to ensure that appropriate efforts are made to act reasonably, prudently and in the interest of the workers and their families who rely on their health, pension and other benefits for their physical and economic well being.
The guiding principle for the calibration was to perform separate, controlled experiments for each parameter affecting the conversion from light to signal; these parameters are dark signal, linearity, exposure time, and spectral radiance responsivity.
In this show, her first solo gallery exhibition, the work was more reminiscent of the sculpture of Cornelia Parker or Tom Friedman, if one could imagine their obsessive Minimalism maximalized; spatial and temporal suspension seemed the guiding principle here.
Tolerance, rather than mere rationality, is the guiding principle for the strong multiculturalist.