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The Western world is afflicted by a class of guileful, rebel intellectuals: Equality is on their lips but the last thing on their minds.
Longo is smart, guileful and charming enough to convince just about anyone of anything.
I don't believe that the clever, guileful people who have apparently pulled the plug on this remarkable brand intend to kill it off, rather they have plunged it into the freezer for now, deflecting the flak fully onto the wider shoulders of News International.
This evasive action consists of a series of transgressions that is fully deployed as the text progresses in four parts, and is achieved mainly through the periodic interjections of the ever guileful narrator.
The West being, of course, a tribal and guileful euphemism symbolising ethnic western-European dominated nations who, at least on the part of the USA, now intend government-overthrow in Libya.
It seems that a guileful network of beggars is working in twin cities.
The expendable patriotic and dutiful soldier of the modern world is the "progressive" descendent of the invisible, spiritual, ecstatic and guileful warrior.
Adam and Eve, Heyne suggests, did something very similar to this when the serpent raised its guileful questions.
The sly dishonesty of a Shimon Peres, the guileful deceits of an Ehud Olmert, the sweet talking of a Bibi Netanyahu - all these belong to the past.
Up his sleeve Sbragia had the guileful Steed Malbranque, whose ability to craft openings might at last come in handy again now Kenwyne Jones had finally rediscovered the ability to finish them.
Panesar is England's most gifted -spinner, by a margin - he has a superb natural action - but he is also the least guileful.