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In all cases, Certeau emphasizes, "these 'traverses' remain heterogenous to the systems they infiltrate and in which they sketch out the guileful ruses of different interest and desires" (EL 34, emphasis in original).
The rule was born out of a guileful play by a runner in a game that occurred on April 21, 1957, when the Cincinnati Reds and Milwaukee Braves played at County Stadium in Milwaukee.
Then, in the guileful manner I did not expect hisjuvenile brain to be capable of, he began reading the French translation of the story he had written from his own imagination .
Dan Lydiate (Ospreys) 7 v Ryan Jones (Bristol) 6 Tractor boy Lydiate has added new strings to his bow since joining the Ospreys last December but guileful veteran Jones has a clever rugby brain and you underestimate him at your peril.
Although Eisenhower often was syntactically challenged, sometimes his grammatical fender benders were guileful.
Women reading the closing paragraphs of Yoder's letter would find a guileful appeal, prompting some of them to respond with sharp retorts and personal distancing, and others to move closer into his circle:
The suffix -ful to be removed from the word guileful to form guile (word pair 46) and belonging to Affix Level 4 may serve as a second example.
Edgeworth, Delany, and Grey convey, more or less literally, the possibilities offered by what Michel de Certeau describes as "indeterminate trajectories" that "sketch out the guileful ruses of different interests and desires.
The New York Times, for example, cast China as a guileful manipulator and Americans as innocent spenders in a front-page story: "China, some economists say, lulled American consumers, and their leaders, into complacency about their spendthrift ways" (Landler, Barboza, & Bradsher, 2008, p.
Hence, the punishment of the decent yet gullible Symon contrasts markedly with the treatment of the morally suspect Freir Robert, whose witty inventiveness and guileful cunning are admired and celebrated in the tale.
Who can be better in collaborating with the Saudis other than the wily, guileful and cunning recruiting agents