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If Israel does not accept such a proposal, it would show their guiltiness.
I started to think like that and that makes me feel bad, you know, we always had that guiltiness that maybe there is something that I didn't do.
The nexus between the irreversible dissolution -the pre-announced 'death of the sun'- with the electric consciousness which followed afterwards is a nexus of guiltiness.
The 'warm' Mediterranean plays were preferred to the 'cold' northern ones, and tragedies of accident were preferred to conflicts of innate guiltiness.
The point here then is that Averroes is trying to establish a firm line between those who can legitimately be killed and those who have immunity from attack, and doing so on the basis of guiltiness.
In a conversation that manages to talk around its real subject--Arthur's guiltiness over his relations with Hetty--Irwine describes "inward suffering" as "the worst form of Nemesis" (217) and then proceeds to lecture Arthur on forms of causality: "Consequences are unpitying.