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Psychological control for guiltiness was found to be statistically significant (p <0.05) for the girls, whereas for the 14-16 year old group the difference was found to be statistically significant when the sportsmen scoring scores were examined.
Angelo's repentance seems genuine as he confesses: O my dread lord, I should be guiltier than my guiltiness To think I can be undiscernible, When I perceive your grace, like power divine, Hath looked upon my passes.
During the session, the defendants pleaded not guilty, but the Military Prosecution asserted that investigations and reports of the Forensic Science Laboratory are enough proofs of their guiltiness.
He said that to enforce law and comply with its provisions, all sides whose guiltiness will be proved will be prosecuted.
(34) Even Calvin recommends a kind of confession and other signs of guiltiness upon affliction by calamities (Institutes, 3.4.11), although he sees such behaviors as helping not to obtain forgiveness, but to identify those cast down.
In an interview with CNN TV channel, Davutoglu said that Israel's rejection of an international committee indicated their guiltiness.
Note that in (26) the context makes us understand that Pablo Vera Esteche's declaration is a past action that was not allowed by the judge, who considered the reading as evidence of guiltiness more suitable.
Their own unbearable guiltiness. To load it up still more on the back of the ever-willing African as if he is not carrying enough and has not for the past 500 years!
"The nexus between the irreversible dissolution -the pre-announced 'death of the sun'- with the electric consciousness which followed afterwards is a nexus of guiltiness. Technical gifts originated from guilt; through them the gloomy conscience of science demands forgiveness." -See also, Ibid.
If Anderegg is now right--in part because of Branagh's own work and influence--about the Shakespearean film genre's special relation to the language and conventions of its literary source (2-13) and if generic contracts are like oaths, Branagh's Love's Labour's Lost reveals that the filmmaker is "perjured much, / Full of dear guiltiness" (5.2.784-85).
The 'warm' Mediterranean plays were preferred to the 'cold' northern ones, and tragedies of accident were preferred to conflicts of innate guiltiness. Hamlet and Macbeth were thus especially unsuited to the official optimism about the human spirit.
In an ecstacy of indulgent self-hate, she confesses her guiltiness: