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47) The reports on dieting, framed by news on the latest scroll saws or floor matting, chided readers for recognizing intemperance as a vice but guiltlessly giving in to overeating, and assured them that meat-based diets were superior to cereal-based diets.
The food is light and fresh so you can afford to guiltlessly order a few dishes.
We hear she has been guiltlessly munching on food from various cuisines.
On Great Gram's raped body, torturers have stamped their marks and guiltlessly recorded their own versions.
An irony of Hardwig's view of autonomy is that once the fight for autonomy ad infinitum has triumphed, it has merely won the right to kill itself, and to do so guiltlessly.
You can mingle freely or stay aloof; wake up and leap about the sprawling surrounds or sleep in till you want--the option, guiltlessly, is yours.
With campsite pitches costing around pounds 20 a night or less, there was plenty of spare cash to sample all the restaurants Rick Stein has built and to guiltlessly fill the van with enough diesel to get us around most of southwest England.
Encouraged by the much more permissive atmosphere of glasnost' but rejecting its phallocentric tenor, writers of New Women's Prose presented alternative conceptualizations of female bodies as subjects who openly, guiltlessly, and frequently engaged in sexual activity on their own terms.
Can the narratees and the readers guiltlessly desire to hear all about Lil's tragedy when the discourse is by necessity only one-sided and thus voyeuristic?
Yet they will ultimately be exonerated of such awful abandonment; they can guiltlessly cast off the parts to preserve the whole, as only they intend it for good cause, in God's name.
As new technologies emerge that enable a booming middle class in South Asian countries to access them freely and guiltlessly, activists, community organizers and policymakers are recognizing the need to work across borders and boundaries.