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Furthermore, it is possible to rationalize and explain the utilization of the judge's knowledge based on the presumption of innocence [according to Islamic laws] or the presumption of the guiltlessness of the accused person (according to French laws).
The blood on the shoes is gone; Pyle's innocence is not naivete, it is guiltlessness.
Such carefree guiltlessness is often transferred to the tourist relationship with local people" (69).
Niebuhr ends the piece by cautioning his readers to fall into neither absolute pacifism nor self-righteous single-mindedness in their collective action, concluding "wise men will not require the illusion of guiltlessness to nerve them in the struggle against evil which has become truly demonic in its proportions" (402).
A guiltlessness that stands in contrast to societal notions of the other.
She has the narrator revere the protagonist for her guiltlessness, her perseverance, and her dignity under the most adverse of conditions.
It's not just the corporation that can be declared psychopathic for its callousness, fickleness, carelessness, guiltlessness, deceit, and violation of societal norms.
The children have a mysterious birth from higher beings (80) and are raised in pastoral innocence, one with strong intimations of the primitive rural paradise, their childhood innocence reproducing humankind's primordial guiltlessness.