guilty person

References in classic literature ?
You led me to suppose he could find the guilty person.
I could name the guilty person," he answered, "as easily, miss, as I could name you.
Cyrus, since it seems you are the guilty person, take the eraser and wipe that off the board.
It is your wish, then, sir," he said slowly, "that the guilty person or persons be arrested without warning, whoever they may be?
From these and other circumstances," he said, "the coroner's jury found that the deceased, Janet MacGregor, came to her death from blows inflicted by some person to the jury unknown; but it was added that the evidence pointed strongly to her husband, Thomas MacGregor, as the guilty person.
There are no orders," grumbled the abbe, "which will prevent me from avenging a family affront upon the guilty person.
I shall first try to form some conclusion (after reading the Trial) as to the guilty person who really committed the crime.
Do you tell me that in that time the guilty person managed to make footmarks in the corner, open the window, mark the sill with blood, take the wedding ring off the dead man's finger, and all the rest of it?
And then compare the name of the guilty person, with the name that I have written in that sealed letter.
Ferrari was the first to find it out--and that the guilty persons had reason to fear, not only that he would acquaint Lord Montbarry with his discovery, but that he would be a principal witness against them if the scandal was made public in a court of law.
Casey Anthony isn't the first guilty person, and she won't be the last, to catch a break from an imperfect and unpredictable process that leaves a defendant's fate in the hands of 12 lay people who struggle - as they should - with the difficult burden of finding guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
Mrs McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, also lays bare how she wanted to kill and "inflict the maximum pain possible" on the guilty person.