guilty verdict

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In our opinion, the guilty verdict nevertheless calls into question Biffa's honesty and processes in dealing with waste.
Even after he handed down a guilty verdict in one of them - the Al-Azizia reference - he was, he claims, pressured into meeting Mr Sharif and his son Hussain Nawaz at Jati Umra and Madina, respectively.
The jury returned a unanimous not guilty verdict on count three and were discharged from returning a verdict on count one.
"The allegations that (Bush) decided to leave the courthouse just prior to a jury returning a guilty verdict are outrageous," DuPage County State's Attorney Robert Berlin said in a written statement.
If anything, the guilty verdict on all 10 criminal counts handed down by a federal court in Brooklyn, New York yesterday could mean Guzman's six sons will have to grow-up faster to regain total control of the drug empire their murderous father grew into the most powerful drug cartel on the planet.
The guilty verdict also came a year after Delos Santos, a schoolboy, was slain during the night of Aug.16, 2017.
Former Bangsamoro Transition Committee member Samira Gutoc, meanwhile, said that the guilty verdict on the three policemen will 'inspire' the courts to quickly resolve other pending cases.
Souroullas had likewise appealed to have the guilty verdict itself reversed, but the Supreme Court rejected this.
But some continue to believe the guilty verdict is unsafe.
A Lane County jury deliberated less than an hour before returning unanimous guilty verdicts early Friday afternoon against a man charged with sexually abusing an acquaintance's child and then later coercing the still-underage girl into sending him nude images of herself.
The findings are telling: 47 per cent of jurors returned a guilty verdict when a defendant was in an open dock.
London, Mar 25 ( ANI ): A legal expert has reportedly predicted a guilty verdict for Oscar Pistorius in the ongoing murder trial at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria after texts from the Paralympian's girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp saying she was scared of his jealous rages were read out in the court.