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Kotick swam back to Novastoshnah, leaving the gulls to scream.
Darcy Krause, who lives in Philadelphia and has been visiting Ocean City for about 10 years, said a sea gull swooped down between her hand and her face and snatched a Wheat Thin cracker from her fingers without leaving a mark.
Worried about how to protect your seaside chips from pesky gulls? Scientists believe the answer lies in an oldfashioned stare down.
Many people have upset Gizmo's owners by making cruel taunts and jokes, and doubting that it is possible for a gull to carry off a small dog in its beak.
"The key to reducing gull numbers lies in reducing the ability to breed and limiting the supply of food.
A close watch is being kept on a new colony of gulls in Annan which are increasing in population.
Calling it the black-headed gull is confusing as it never actually has a black head.
North Somerset Magistrates' Court heard the lesser black-backed gull flew around the defendant, trying to reach his chips, and subsequently knocked his snack from his hand.
bk ot s John Llewellyn Jones, 64, pictured, was visiting Weston-super-Mare when the lesser black-backed gull flew around him, trying to reach his chips, and subsequently knocked his snack from his hand.
I know we are not supposed to encourage gulls by feeding them, but when I was on St Mary's in the Scillies I taught a patient herring gull to do tricks for a few chips.
The gap was at the second-floor level of the two buildings and RSPCA officers needed ladders to access the gull.
According to media reports, Salman Gull, left for Manchester from Lahore a day before who later was held by National Crime Agency at Manchester airport.