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THROAT, med. jur. The anterior part of the neck. Dungl. plea. Diet. h.t.; Coop. Dict. h.t.; 2 Good's Study of Med. 302; 1 Chit. Med. Jur. 97, n.
     2. The word throat, in an indictment which charged the defendant with murder, by "cutting the throat of the deceased," does not mean, and is not to be confined to that part of the neck which is scientifically called the throat, but signifies that which is commonly called the throat. 6 Carr. & Payne, 401; S. C. 25 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 458.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"De-vyled" ham was made out of the waste ends of smoked beef that were too small to be sliced by the machines; and also tripe, dyed with chemicals so that it would not show white; and trimmings of hams and corned beef; and potatoes, skins and all; and finally the hard cartilaginous gullets of beef, after the tongues had been cut out.
They do not mind dirt; they do not mind rags; they do not mind vermin; they do not mind barbarous ignorance and savagery; they do not mind a reasonable degree of starvation, but they do like to be pure and holy before their god, whoever he may be, and therefore they shudder and grow almost pale at the idea of Christian lips polluting a spring whose waters must descend into their sanctified gullets. We had no wanton desire to wound even their feelings or trample upon their prejudices, but we were out of water, thus early in the day, and were burning up with thirst.
Astonished medical staff gave Chang some anaesthetic to make his muscles relax and were able to reach down into his gullet - from which they pulled out not only the metal key but a plastic access card as well.
But at a house party on Saturday night, the 22-year-old managed to get the pound stuck fast in his gullet.
Older and frail patients with advanced stomach or gullet cancer benefit just as much from a lower dose of chemotherapy, research suggests.
Secretary general Abbas Gullet on Wednesday said they have build 5,700 out of the targeted 6,000 houses under the Sh1 billion government project.
figure By BERNARDINE MUTANU The Kenya Red Cross Society has launched an appeal for aid to more than one million people in 17 counties afflicted by starvation.Secretary-General Abbas Gullet on Thursday said many people have died from different causes, famine and drought included.
The new therapy is administered intravenously and has worked several types of cancer including cervical, bladder, ovarian, lung, gullet, and womb.
s A The symptoms you describe warrant a visit to your doctor to arrange for tests of your gullet and stomach as soon as you can.
Lalitha was suffering from a very serious condition of her gullet (the passage that takes food from the throat to the stomach).
From clover its buttonholes and from bread its jubilation from yellow fruit its darkest rind from the others their hapless suit headed for the gullet from the bird its fit of flutter from flight its foretaste from desert strewn tablecloths from the knife the seams/gashes it causes from the book that I am not writing the story that is not theirs from hunger don't even name it from the blind and large tree its root like a banner/flag and from the sea solemn nothing