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Such gullibility concerning godmen is a truly a pan-Indian phenomenon.
Walter Kirn's sensational story about money, murder, audacity, and gullibility mesmerizes us, against our better knowledge.
He went on to suggest that the government official who oversaw the sale, Mark Russell, was "demonstrating a degree of gullibility incompatible with the role you had to play in this".
We go further than using the Forer test to illustrate and start conversations about gullibility, ethics of deception and test validity.
Phillips believes that betting "at best exploits people's gullibility, their fantasies that they can beat the odds and win a fortune; at worst it leads to addiction, debt and misery ".
An amusing little entertainment with lessons to be drawn from the boys' gullibility and obsession to match their peers in the latest fads.
Coronation Street ITV1 Wales Fiz may be guilty of fraud and excessive gullibility, but viewers know she isn't a murderer.
The third player, 18-year-old Mohammad Amir, is expected to be given a five-year ban- a lighter sentence reflecting his age and gullibility at taking instructions from Butt, it added.
A close look at these propositions exposes an unedifying mixture of gullibility and haste to flee the war zone which they created
If there is anything remotely tragic about this story then it is the gullibility of the general public.
If there is anything remotely tragic about this story, then it is the gullibility of the general public.
THE gullibility of many people who defend Prince Harry's role as a member of the armed forces in this newspaper never fails to amaze me.