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Only the extra gullible would then have been taken in by the next question and answer.
The words Britain and British are con tricks to get the gullible Welsh to accept rule by England.
As Gildenhuys explains, the repeated instances of gullible men may qualify somewhat the narrator's stereotypically negative appraisal of women and create an atmosphere which vaguely "celebrate[s] the proficiency of the wives in achieving their ends" (39).
With the passage of time, it has become evident that not one of these rumors contains even a scintilla of truth, ultimately causing the magazine to lose its last shreds of credibility, even among its notoriously gullible readers.
I think Godsey must have been one of the gullible ones.
An admission that I am a gullible fool and a tip that may save you a fortune.
Findlay said he was "heartbroken" after he was foundguilty of two charges of laying Gullible Gordon, who raced for a partnership of his mother Maggie and Paul Barber, to lose in 2008 and 2009 on Betfair, falling foul of a rule that "debars an owner from laying his horse to lose".
Sorry, no prizes but I think a New Year resolution not to be so gullible in future by those who supported it might be appropriate.
Why should they get away with selling it as a loss leader to entice the gullible into their shops?
It was so full of holes only the genuine or the gullible paid and, as for banning them on going on foreign holidays is just a joke.
And now he's resurrected his old tax plan, albeit with some cosmetic, presumably poll-tested changes to fool the gullible.
The original estimate was pounds 40m, a timely warning to any gullible voter in the North East who imagines the cost of setting up any new authority, no matter how large or small, will not fall on the taxpayer.