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Now that doesn't mean that you can just go gullibly into the meeting and lay your bankroll on the desk and walk out, because we all know what may happen in that case.
Much of the press has gullibly described the Durbin bill as a ban on late-term abortions, but it is all loophole and no ban - - a purely political gimmick," Johnson said.
39) Allen stresses the theme of ambition for both emperor-subject and author, to whom he gullibly credits Poe's prefatory fanciful avowal of composition at the age of fourteen; derivatively he brings in Poe's early poetic aim as expressing the "visionary gleam" of Wordsworth, or beauty as the sole aesthetic basis of life as well as of art, easily turned into "sensational exquisiteness" as in "punk art" (Ginsberg's phrase).
The jury is still out on whether the FAA has simply and gullibly followed pronouncements by ATR claiming their aircraft are fit to fly in ice, and weakened under foreign certification authorities, namely the French, who refused to follow the FAA's lead in restricting the ATR's flight operations in ice.
The psychiatric profession has touted the notion of curing homosexuals, and some have gullibly accepted that claim.
It is surprising that some US politicians still speak of military pressure against Iran and gullibly imagine that such threats can affect the Iranian politicians," Jazayeri said on Monday.
Worse still this large cabal, which we have gullibly elected, are selfregulating and make their own laws.
Shelling out something like 25 grand in cash and gullibly coughing up for Roy's marriage to her is some investment in a Christmas pudding club, but it won't guarantee her silence.
But what the rest of us can do is stop gullibly accepting their ego trips as idealistic efforts for others.
Unfortunately, many members of the press have rather gullibly accepted endorsements of these bills as bona fide support for "banning late-term abortions.
On finding out Lindsay was married, she wanted back the pounds 5000 deposit she had gullibly given him, so she withdrew pounds 500 a day from the bank, until the machine swallowed the card.
Are we to gullibly believe that an employer, while forced to grudgingly pay workers $5.