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Bled white, blocked on the battlefield, and battered at home, Ho's successors sued for peace, and unskilled US statesmen gullibly snapped at the bait.
The adolescents are sometimes gullibly encourages to become involvement in sexual activities with family members, household members and friends.
US policy-makers excel at making promises, breaking them, then ushering in a barrage of propaganda willfully and gullibly swallowed hook, line and sinker by the ra-ra flag- waving Semper Fi crowd.
Gullibly accepting the false claim that vaccines cause autism may lead to parents not vaccinating their children, and such an action puts children at risk for serious diseases.
We are repeatedly noting that trial court judges are gullibly accepting, as gospel truth, claims made by witnesses," the court said.
It tells the story of this young Youssef, from a Casablanca slum, who gullibly followed the story by his mother of his late father, a respected school professor.
Teens may not care that their "High School Musical" makeup is not from a known cosmetic brand but, by and large, we are not just gullibly swallowing up any branded merchandise or new lifestyle gimmick thrown our way.
Or, some may look at this film as a pseudo-documentary on food production for the gullibly inclined who never questioned the accuracy of facts or half-truths.
Martin, on the other hand, gullibly accepts third-and fourth-hand accounts, most of them produced decades after the events in question.
9) Hence many people gullibly swallow the New Atheists' self-serving propaganda and consider their books impressive.
Are our politicians gullibly promoting a failing industry?
Instead, they accepted at face value, perhaps gullibly, the notion that Hamdan was simply about lack of statutory authorization.