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Table 3--Hardness (Hard N), adhesiveness (Adhe N/s), springiness (Sprin), cohesiveness (Cohe), gumminess (Gummi N) and chewiness (Chew) in quinces marmelade.
According to a research carried out by Haros, Rosell and Benedito, [85], addition of hydrolases of non-starch polysaccharides (the remaining enzyme activity in each flour as follows: cellulase treated flour (CEL) 85.5 mU/g of flour, xylanase treated flour (XYL) 2.9 mU/g of flour, and [beta]-glucanase treated flour (GLUC) 1.2 mU/g of flour) had resulted in a product with lower crumb hardness, gumminess, and chewiness and reduced staling effect by reducing the initial crumb firmness and the kinetics of the firming process during storage.
It is observed in Figure 3, 4, 5 and 6 the intensity of hardness, adhesiveness, elasticity and gumminess during 'Dulce de leche' storage time.
The variables associated with factor 1 are texture (hardness, chewiness, springiness, cohesiveness, resilience, gumminess), color ([a.sup.*], C*ab), TVB-N, pH, K value.
The parameters hardness, gumminess, and chewiness increased to raising replacement levels of different flours added.
Various factors that might interfere with reaction stoichiometry and result in physical gumminess of the cured mass were investigated for an epoxyamine adhesive system.
However, too much stabilizer will result in gumminess and affect the final texture.
It was admittedly wearying to slog through the tapioca of Octobrist prose, but the trek was no less valuable for its gumminess. This valedictory glance should not be construed as an apology for easy art criticism.
Using standard shear, bite and punch test fixtures, the QTS unit's detailed results provide an improved level of quantification for properties such as gumminess and tenderness.
The blend of ingredients in the stabilizer controls moisture without gumminess, even though the usage level is higher (0.9-1.2%) than with a conventional stabilizer.
Resin can be a problem to cutters; the wood may need treatment for gumminess for some finishes.
Patties of TPA values for springiness, gumminess (kg), cohesiveness, hardness (kg), and chewiness (kg) were determined using methods describe by Bourne [22].