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Rob Leininger's Gumshoe Rock is a gritty one-two punch of a PI mystery that tracks Mortimer Angel through a tense, gruesome investigation in Reno.
According to Hollywood sources, the working title for Detective Pikachu during filming was Gumshoe.
Critique: A terrific and non-stop entertaining read, "Gumshoe" is a deftly crafted, fast-paced mystery novel of the first order and documents author Rob Leininger as a novelist of truly exceptional storytelling talent.
Here we meet gumshoe "Doc" (Joaquin Phoenix) whose latest job is to prevent a developer being sent to an asylum by his wife and her lover.
"With an accidental gumshoe and a freaky serial killer, Stephen King's new novel Mr.
Alexandra Morton, gumshoe biologist, searches with unapologetic ardour for the truth when B.C.'s wild salmon, the beating heart of one of Canada's ecosystems, become diseased and die.
This reference for detective fiction and film noir fans concentrates on the 8 film and 12 TV adaptations of the adventures of detective/mystery author Mickey Spillane's most well-known character, gumshoe Mike Hammer.
Featuring appearances from a host of nursery rhyme characters in Arnold's cartoon illustrations, gumshoe Blue rounds up an errant Dish and Spoon, snags Mary's disguised lamb before it gets to school, has a little accident with Humpty Dumpty, and tracks down a missing Miss "Goldilocks" Muffet fleeing a certain cottage in the woods.
of honey spreading slowly at my feet, gumshoe whose trace remained long
Men will gravitate to an organic cotton slip-on named the GUMshoe and D-Solve athletic footwear with jute uppers.
"Upton Charles, Dog Detective, Winter Wonderland, Case Number 4" is the latest in a young adult mystery series with a quirky dog detective who happens to be a white Bishon Frise for the lead gumshoe. A fast moving chapter book with piquant black and white illustrations, "Winter Wonderland" keeps its audience busy guessing at clues for a search for a lost treasure map, buried gold, and some papers of the great Daniel Webster.
Harrington calls it Gumshoe [R] and he has a trademark and patent pending on the product.