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She did this by allowing her minions to foolishly put the enterprising gumshoes on the HP payroll.
The stories proved that a dignified older Englishwoman could fit snugly into a genre of literature populated by gumshoes detectives, rough-spoken policemen and corpses.
Chesterton's Father Brown, who appeared in 1910, to Ellis Peter's Brother Cadfael and Phil Rickman's the Reverend Merrily Watkins, the procession of godly gumshoes continues unabated.
To hear Harris tell it, Panama is a simple postmodern cop thriller: Noriega the Pusher was protected by his buddies at the CIA and Pentagon, who admired his fascism, until a handful of gumshoes in Miami brought him down through simple hard police work.
Any resemblance to gumshoes, living or dead, was purely coincidental.
Before they become gumshoes, however, they are staking out Dublin's Olympia Theatre on March 1 and 2 for gigs, which should be a right laugh.
Frantic parents are hiring gumshoes for up to pounds 600 a day to see if their sons and daughters are taking drugs.
Hattoy, the White House liaison to the Department of the Interior, says he had an equally unexpected experience with Starr's gumshoes.