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Everyone knows that HP ran afoul of the authorities a few months back by using inept gumshoes to identify the board member who leaked company news to reporters.
What kind of punitive action does Bud Selig plan to implement after his new ``CSI: San Francisco'' gang of gumshoes presents him with more irrefutable evidence that there's something fishy going on in the Bay Area?
The stories proved that a dignified older Englishwoman could fit snugly into a genre of literature populated by gumshoes detectives, rough-spoken policemen and corpses.
Chesterton's Father Brown, who appeared in 1910, to Ellis Peter's Brother Cadfael and Phil Rickman's the Reverend Merrily Watkins, the procession of godly gumshoes continues unabated.
To hear Harris tell it, Panama is a simple postmodern cop thriller: Noriega the Pusher was protected by his buddies at the CIA and Pentagon, who admired his fascism, until a handful of gumshoes in Miami brought him down through simple hard police work.
Joseph Viterelli stars as the casino boss, while Sean Patrick Flanery and Guy Torry play acerbic gumshoes.