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The post Huge blast in hotel in Somalia's Kismayu, followed by gunfire -- police appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Celebratory gunfire go on unchecked in Bihar despite the authorities putting a ban on them.
'Every year, we receive around a dozen people injured by stray bullets on the eve of Eidul Fitr as the people resort to celebratory gunfire. However, this year is an exception as we haven't received any patient with bullet injuries caused due to firing in the air,' director of the Emergency Department at the Lady Reading Hospital Dr Hamid Shehzad told Dawn.
But social activists and Lebanon's Central Security Council have urged the judiciary to issue firmer sentences against suspects linked to random and celebratory gunfire.
"Two suspects were struck by returning gunfire by the Houston Police Department.
"Once the officers breached the door and the gunfire began from the suspects, one of the suspects actually retreated momentarily to the back of the room and then that suspect came back and again engaged the officers in gunfire," Acevedo said at a Monday evening news conference.
Interior Mi nister, arrest Wehda Al Jumaili for firing gunfire in-the-air in a violation of the law and risking the lives of people."
An official at the local police station told The Express Tribune that late on Saturday night, residents had reported intense gunfire near the airbase.
The Israeli soldiers' firing of gunfire and stun grenades also left damage to parts of the home.
According to Toru police station two armed groups led by Khan Ghalib son of Khawas Khan and his sons Sajid, Abid, Hamid while other group Saddam, Ali Sher, Ikram sons of Nowsher and Zahoor Khan exchanged harsh words on money despite in Daki village Toru and later started trading heavy gunfire.
The puppy has now started to associate the sound of gunfire with the dummy and most importantly with his reward, the retrieve.
Despite the bullet hole on the roof, the Bantay police insisted that it was not a case of indiscriminate gunfire.