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It is imperative that Secretary of State, Patricia Hewitt, takes this opportunity to close the loopholes in the law to stop UK gunrunners shipping arms into the world's worst human rights crisis zones.
Instead of supporting this new reporting strategy, I urge you to instead exercise your considerable influence to support Senator Grassley's investigation of the Gunrunner controversy," Gottlieb concluded.
and that his investigators will now check to see if those weapons were linked to Project Gunrunner.
The geniuses who allowed Gunrunner to get out of control can't say that.
Eleanor worked in her mother's bookshop in Durban but she led a double-life, her alter-ego a saboteur, gunrunner, get-away driver, look-out, freedom-fighter and lover of the "Red-Jew" Kasrils (when I travelled with the underground under Apartheid in the Eighties, all the white members of the ANC who sustained me were Jews).
Firearms confiscated from the bandits turned out to be guns that had been delivered to the drug cartels via an operation of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) named Project Gunrunner.
Melson, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, should resign or be fired for continued stonewalling on "Project Gunrunner," the controversial operation that allegedly allowed thousands of guns to be funneled across the border into Mexico.
Jurors heard a self-confessed drugs courier, gunrunner and driver for the unidentified shooter give Crown evidence exposing the gang.
A SEASIDE landlady was behind bars last night after being found guilty of helping a gunrunner evade police.
FORMER IRA gunrunner Martin Ferris was yesterday in the clear over alleged drink-driving.
This time, though, he'll keep the same persona throughout the six episodes - posing as an undercover gunrunner to gangland heavies
He had strong links to Africa, where he had been a gunrunner and it is believed he owned property in Johannesburg.