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Dawood, who used to live on Al Wasl Road in Dubai, is suspected of terrorism attacks, gunrunning and drug dealing.
ATF had hundreds of gunrunning cases which USAs refused to prosecute because prosecutions involving only one or two counts for lying on purchase forms or buying a gun for someone else, generally resulted in sentences of only about one year.
"ATF gunrunning probe strategy scrutinized after death of Border Patrol agent," The Washington Post reported.
He was facing a possible sentence of 70 years for his terrorist activities that included gunrunning, supplying money and equipment to al-Qaida, and attempts to assassinate former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf.
The two macho men now have mortgages and families, and wish to forget their past life of gunrunning for the antiapartheid struggle.
Kurt Sutter's hit show about a biker club whose members murder with impunity while gunrunning and racketeering in the fictional town of Charming, Calif., is a tough sell in a country where violence is largely frowned upon and TV cops rarely draw their guns.
But it waived a demand that the Turks sign undertakings not to sail again to Gaza, whose blockade it says curbs Palestinian gunrunning, for the vessels to be repatriated.
He was indicted last year in New York on drug trafficking and gunrunning charges.
From her nose job to her arrest for gunrunning in Panama, there was plenty more to Margot Fonteyn's life than what fans saw onstage.
Born to impoverished Ukrainian parents, who pose as Jews to immigrate to America and settle in Little Odessa, Yuri manages to climb the social ladder, thanks to gunrunning, and even convinces the model-cum-failed actress and wannabe painter Ava Fontaine (a stunning Moynahan) that he is a legitimate businessman.Yuri's first mistake was getting his little brother Vitaly (Leto) involved in his gunrunning business.
Roberts, 40, plays socialite Joanne Herring, who became a gunrunning spy to help Afghan rebels repel the Soviet Union's invasion of 1979.
He was sentenced to four years for gunrunning, but as he approaches the end of his term he is now fighting extradition to Obiang's dictatorial central African state.