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In April 2013, Amnesty International showed a serious concern about the shoddy execution of Guru by stating that, 'Afzal Guru was executed without his family was being informed and his body was buried secretly.
Guided by the rich ideals of Guru Ravidas Ji, we are working round the clock to build an India which is strong, inclusive and prosperous.
After the death of Guru Gobind Singh, the Sikh holy text, the Guru Granth Sahib became the eternal living guru which Sikhs refer to for guidance and inspiration.
Guru Nanak's teachings were recorded in the form of a book, the Guru Granth Sahib, in the form of 974 poetic hymns.
Celebrations begin the day before Guru Nanak's birthday with processions held throughout India and other parts of the world with significant Sikh populations.
UNFI recognizes the importance of helping exciting and new producers of fresh and organic foods and Gourmet Guru is proud to become a part of UNFI, said Mr.
Congress MLAs said that Rashid's demand for clemency for Guru was justified and Guru's mortal remains should be returned to his family.
In his travels, Guru Nanak preferred to stay and dine with the lowest class of people alone and declared that, "Nanak is found among the lowest caste, what has he to do with the high and mighty?
So, we mortals, as ordinary human beings, need to have a Guru to make our spiritual journey easier as we can't have, as the Swami says, God himself as our Guru, to begin with.
The Paphos branch is owned by local Cypriot Nikos Charalmbous, who owned Koy restaurant previously operating at the same site, who says he felt a need for change and wanted to introduce something completely different to the Paphos scene so approached Guru to collaborate.
The President of India had rejected the mercy petition filed by Guru's wife Tabassum on Feb 3 and that, as in life, Guru was denied legal rights in his death too, though, according to Indian judicial laws, every convict whose mercy petition is rejected by the president is entitled to a last resort; he or she has the constitutional right to file a judicial review or a delay petition in any Indian high court or the country's Supreme Court to seek commutation of the death sentence.
New Delhi, March 5 -- Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Monday said that Centre's course of action regarding cases similar to Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru will determine whether Guru's hanging was "selective and political.