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Looking into its bosom, they beheld their own faces dimly reflected, but so extravagantly distorted by the gush and motion of the water, that each one of them appeared to be laughing at himself and all his companions.
Mellow, melancholy, yet not mournful, the tone seemed to gush up out of the deep well of Hepzibah's heart, all steeped in its profoundest emotion.
It is right, noble, Christian: yet it breaks my heart!" And the tears gushed to her fine eyes.
Well--I bemoan it not; for if the fountain gushed at my very doorstep, I would not stoop to bathe my lips in it--no, though its delirium were for years instead of moments.
no tongue Their beauty might declare: A spring of love gushed from my heart, And I blessed them unaware: Sure my kind saint took pity on me, And I blessed them unaware.
At last, between little gushes of laughter which shook her plump shoulders in a way that aroused wistful memories of Hebe, she archly asked me, with mock solemnity, if I should need a lady's maid.
It gushes forth like an oil-well, and the sympathetic pour out their sympathy with an abandon that is sometimes embarrassing to their victims.
As became known later, he had scarcely begun to address the merchants before tears gushed from his eyes and he concluded in a trembling voice.
Captain Jim told his stories better, Gilbert was quicker in argument and repartee, Anne felt little gushes and trickles of fancy and imagination bubbling to her lips under the influence of Leslie's personality.
Levin knew that those words meant, "You see, and you know, that I'm in a bad way, and maybe we shall not see each other again." Levin knew this, and the tears gushed from his eyes.
Traders faith in GUSH was certainly rewarded last Friday when the fund jumped 10% on above-average volume.
ENPNewswire-August 6, 2019--BENTLEY APPOINTS PAUL WILLIAMS AS DIRECTOR OF MOTORSPORT; Current Director of Powertrain, Paul Williams, to succeed Brian Gush as new Director of Motorsport; Gush to retire after 20-year Bentley career; Williams to start new role on 1st August, after 24 Hours of Spa