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After his vomitoriastic (ok, so I made that word up but you see where I'm going here) gushiness about his new chick on Oprah's show, the chat queen looked like she thought her pal's next wardrobe investment should be white, made of canvas, have buckles at the back and allow limited arm movement.
He saves the best gushiness for last: "Duncan Smith has already surprised his party," smarms Norris.
That a marriage which appeared to have all the right trimmings for success should finish with a cold statement after so many recent interviews of gushiness just seemed completely unbelievable to me.
Oh, don't worry about it,' I replied magnanimously, having a wee chuckle to myself because I knew he was pulling my leg - surely he already had a special something wrapped to perfection and conveying just the right amount of sentimental gushiness to keep me happy for another year.
For Hanks has set new standards not just in acting success but in the degree of gushiness he can achieve while simply saying thanks.
And for a Scot who was known to mock the gushiness of Americans, she was amazed by her reaction.