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5 billion has dominated the financial pages of late, the former British Telecom gushingly described by one scribe as "a bold, innovative business that is disrupting markets and outpacing competitors," although it never feels like that when your home internet connection goes down.
A student, Daksha Gyanchand Shukla,spoke gushingly of the importance of trees in human life.
He wrote gushingly of how much he was missing socialite Freda - "How I want you tonight to tell you and show you how madly I love you".
President Obama called to formally invite the Indian Prime Minister to Washington, US Secretary of State sent his regards and the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Nisha Biswal, tweeted gushingly about the ' cozy' dhokla snacks that were available post the elections.
Then there is the heartfelt yet almost gushingly sentimental Frank (guess who).
Percy Lubbock had to agree not to include James's gushingly amorous dotings upon younger men in the edition of letters published in 1920.
Oddest of all is Ruth Goodman in a floral summer frock, getting gushingly poetic about the Isle of Man's TT Races.
Spontaneous applause broke out even as my phone began to ring, presaging the first of many gushingly happy conversations I was to have over the course of the day.
The critics lauded the work, some of them gushingly, and branded it the "apex of German late Romanticism".
I watched aghast as President Obama reached out to China (while neglecting India), as US pundits spoke gushingly about a G-2 (US and China), and the new US administration seemed to accept communist China's right to treat all of Asia (including, heaven forbid, South Asia) as its sphere of influence.
Ali's early impressions are supported by many motoring correspondents who have suggested the CTS coupe 'feels and drives like a car that's been to finishing school' and one scribe gushingly concluded: 'The CTS coupe is one of those cars that loves the camera, and it's no less stunning in the flesh'.
You've always been such a gentleman, Toby," Liona gushingly replies.