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Surprisingly, the combination worked wonderfully, with the pulse adding another textural level to the gushy red meat that needed only the slightest encouragement to disintegrate.
The most glittering ensemble of the year gets all gushy in this romance that's destined to keep Cupid very busy indeed.
The Moon could see you be a bit gushy and try too hard, but if you can slow down, say what you mean and mean what you y g y y say, you can overcome the potential for misunderstandings y y y y and mix-ups.
Without getting too gushy you're better off accepting a challenge and getting on with it.
It is a gushy devotional to baseball by a writer who has read too much Kinsella and too much Malamud--like a pitch tossed by a determined Little Leaguer, we can see where this one is going right from the start.
The chocolate melts in your mouth and they are really gushy and crunchy.
But in the past four or five years I've become really gushy.
The piece he turned in was a balanced look at the situation--noting and quoting both shops equally and without any "gushy" statements promoting Krispy Kreme.
Critics on the other hand have bemoaned the show for its obvious plots, mushy performances and gushy dialogue.
He was prone to write long, gushy love letters to women not his wife, and once in love he found it difficult to focus on his work.
It used to be that you could attract funding from venture capitalists by doing little more than writing a gushy business plan and including the word "Internet" in it.