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Electrophysiological characterization of responses from gustatory receptor neurons of s.
That changes in motor function occur as a consequence of gustatory stimulation is evident from common examples such as with the administration of syrup of ipecac, which induces immediate vomiting.
There exist only six Clifford pentads (for instance, [5, 6]): I call one of them (the pentad [beta] the light pentad, three ([xi], [eta], [theta])--the chromatic pentads, and two ([DELTA], [GAMMA])--the gustatory pentads.
Unipolar and bipolar depression are not associated with any major deficit in the sensory aspects of gustatory and olfactory function or altered hedonic ratings of chemosensory stimuli, a Polish study shows.
Her readings of these less popular and seldom performed plays through the lens of gustatory and erotic appetite are interesting.
As Denise Gigante points out, "most accounts of aesthetic history avoid the gustatory aspect of taste" (2), frightened off, perhaps, by lingering suspicions of gluttonous pleasure, or voluptuous self-indulgence.
Part II presents psychophysical, behavioral, electrophysiological, and molecular studies to explain how gustatory, textural, and olfactory information contribute to fat detection and preference for dietary fat.
A stump inoculated in this way might take two to five years to begin "fruiting," but after that can produce maitake for your gustatory delight for years to come
The poems are lyrical and create a gustatory sensation like syrup.
The heavenly aromas wafting from the kitchen had us purring before we'd so much as lifted a fork, but we didn't wait long for the evening's first gustatory delight, which arrived the instant our water glasses were filled.
In the islands, they like Spam even better than Vienna sausages, which rank a distant second on the Aloha State's gustatory scale.
He added: "The acid and sweet taste in the blackcurrant and apple drink could stimulate gustatory receptors providing maximum stimulation for salivations and secretions.