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Carve Gybe Software was founded in 2011 by Alexander, SuperPhoto is their seventh release.
Chinese gybes are caused by either strong wind or a big wave.
Gybe Technology Group, LLC unbiased service offerings include short term technology overviews and self help direction, to project management and quarterly retainer services, that are designed to fit into the smaller budgets of its target market.
Going into a series of gybes the big sail was pulled round easily as we set off back to St Kilda, with Patrice responding instantly to every twitch of my fingers on the McConaghy carbon wheel.
We managed to get ahead of Calibre at Nielsen Park, after we got some great angles on our gybes.
OFFSHORE spoke with YSA Committee members of the time Ian Treleaven and Maurie Cameron (chair) to tap their recollections of the tacks and gybes that led to the formation of the YSA.
In the sport of international sailing, the spectacle that is the America's Cup continues unabated as the most controversial event on our watery world, with more tacks and gybes of politics and passion exhibited onshore in the lead up to each series than is played out on the racecourse every four years.