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HABERDASHER. A dealer in miscellaneous goods and merchandise.

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Hills (Brough Park): 2 Bangor Don, 5-2 Greenfield Deal, 3 Harsu Super, 7-2 Coolagorna Glory, 12 Haberdashery, 25 Newlawn Niall
Mr Massimo Petronio, managing director of Coats Viyella's thread business, said the company had acquired exclusive distribution of the Prym haberdashery range in most European markets.
This edition of the Plimsoll Analysis is the most comprehensive review yet of the UK Haberdashery industry.
The subject of procurement is the supply of fabrics and haberdashery for its own production of linen and clothes to the extent and in accordance with its terms.
It took the company over a year to move into its new premises, which had four stories of fashion, accessories, furniture, haberdashery and electrical goods, making it Binns largest store at the time.
Robertson stole material from Fabric8 haberdashery store in Felixstowe, Suffolk, over six months.
Free classes will be on offer in the haberdashery department throughout the week from 10am 11am for both children and adults, teaching a variety of skills including how to make a hat.
At the haberdashery department upstairs, history enthusiasts can find boxes containing period buttons, huge Celtic crosses and lions in pewter and copper which Sue and Dawn are crafting into brooches or using on overalls for Coal House at War.
com, 08456 049049) have some great storage solutions and they are still one of the best places to purchase fabric and haberdashery products.
The business originally started out as a haberdashery stall, founded by Madeleine's grandmother Monica Bushill in about 1937.
You will find, for example, electrical items (bulbs, plugs and vacuum bags), pet shop, fresh fruit and veg, trainers, ladies fashion, books, videos and DVDs, furniture, carpets and rugs, mobile phones, newsagent with lottery, homemade bakery, cut price groceries, haberdashery, ladies and gents hairdressers, tarot card reader, Afro-Caribbean goodies, Chinese goodies, handbags, luggage, records and CDs.
Lighting has useful desk lights while haberdashery has in no vativeand attractive storage and craft ideas, which really come into their own at Christmas.