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Melicor, chief financial officer of the Elements Habitare, said that the development would have five phases.
(AFFI) who will speak about the untapped opportunities in Davao FB Mindanao; Elements Habitare who was part of the team who built Marina Bay Sands and will be working on the new integrated mixed-use community of NCCC in Panacan, the new home of the University of Asia and the Pacific Business School in Mindanao; and Angeline Tham, founder of Angkas who will talk about how technology is changing the way we move and build cities.
the biennial maintenance of individual appliances for (central) heating and / or production of domestic hot water in the residential units of habitare + cvba-so; 2.
El estar-en no se refiere a un espacial estar-el-uno-dentro-del-otro de dos entes que estan-ahi, como tampoco el "en" originariamente significa en modo alguno una relacion espacial de este genero; "in" [en aleman] procede de innan--, residir, habitare, quedarse en; "an" significa: estoy acostumbrado, familiarizado con, suelo [hacer] algo; tiene la significacion de colo, en el sentido de habito y diligo (p.
Dico quod tu debes notare illud quod dicebat Dauid Psalmi octogesimo tertio: elegi abiectus esse in domo Dei mei, magis quam habitare in tabernaculis peccatorum.
In fact, the terms habit and habitat both derive from the Latin habitare, meaning "to live, inhabit, and dwell," where the essential link lies in how environments habit-uate organisms to particular modes of dwelling ("Habit," 2016; "Habitat," 2016).
Segun el diccionario de los Grimm, el verbo "wohnen, habitare, acentua el aspecto de lo grato, de lo sosegado.
may well have the same root, but I'm not entirely convinced by the extension of the argument through all of the derivations presented here (according to the Oxford Dictionary, 'habitat' comes from 'habitare', meaning 'it dwells'; 'habit comes from 'habitus', meaning 'condition, appearance').
laedit te quaedam mala fabula, qua tibi fertur valle sub alarum trux habitare caper.