habitual offender

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(172) The court also noted that the purpose of the habeas doctrine "is grounded in the equitable discretion of habeas courts to see that federal constitutional errors do not result in the incarceration of innocent persons." (173) While recognizing the disagreement in the courts of appeals, the Fifth Circuit sided with the reasoning of the Fourth and Second Circuits and found Haley to be actually innocent of the habitual offender sentence.
The habitual offender program gives a longer suspension to drivers with three serious violations within a year and a half.
Because it was his third felony under Michigan's habitual offender law, he received an additional sentence of 20 to 40 years in prison.
The habitual offender law, an enhancement statute linked to an offender's prior convictions, was amended to mandate a life sentence only when an offender commits three serious felonies, none of which already carry a life sentence.
Although Congress and 26 states adopted three strikes laws during the 1990s, most prosecutors recently have opted for less drastic habitual offender laws or for charging recidivists with parole violations.
We've seen it all too often with Alan Smith, the Norman Stanley Fletcher of the Premiership - an habitual offender whose very name has referees cringing.
"This is particularly aggravated by habitual offender statutes that lock up offenders for life.
Under [subsections] 775.084(1)(a) and (4)(a), a judge has discretion to sentence a person as a habitual offender if the offender meets the following criteria:
The proposed measure is harsher than other states' habitual offender laws.
It is believed that Shivji is a habitual offender. However, the victim's statement has been recorded by the police for further investigation.
The lawyer representing the deceased child's family tolda local news outlet the convict was a habitual offender and had previously been accused of sexually assaulting another minor girl.
But the complainant's lawyer opposed the bail saying accused was habitual offender and he should not be granted bail.