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Regular or customary; usual.

A habitual drunkard, for example, is an individual who regularly becomes intoxicated as opposed to a person who drinks infrequently. A habitual criminal is a legal category that has been created by a number of state statutes by which serious penalties can be imposed on individuals who have been repeatedly convicted of a designated crime.


adjective according to habit, accustomary, accustomed, automatic, chronic, common, commonplace, confirmed, constant, consuetudinary, continual, customary, daily, established, expected, familiar, fixed, frequent, ingrained, inveterate, inveteratus, natural, normal, periodic, periodical, perpetual, prevalent, recurrent, recurring, regular, repeated, rooted, routine, set, standard, sustained, traditional, typical, usitatus, usual, wonted
Associated concepts: habitual cohabitation, habitual criminal, habitual cruel and inhuman treatment, habitual insanity, haaitual intemperance, habitual intoxication, habitual offender, habitual use, habitual violator, predicate felon, recidivist
See also: accustomed, boiler plate, chronic, constant, conventional, current, customary, daily, familiar, frequent, general, household, ingrained, inveterate, mundane, normal, ordinary, orthodox, periodic, prevailing, prevalent, regular, repeated, routine, systematic, traditional, typical, usual