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2001), flatworms (Koopowitz, 1974), and mollusks (Bristol and Carew, 2005) have been shown to habituate to irrelevant stimuli.
It's unnatural, it's stressful, their muscles habituate to that routine and they become good at certain movements but not ones they used to be good at.
Uganda has spent huge sums of money to habituate gorillas for tourism -- a delicate process through which primates get used to human presence without losing their character.
Hopefully, the person selected will already have an in-depth knowledge of both the workings of Irish racecourses and of the people who habituate them.
Do these changes observed in the laboratory habituate, or do they persist under chronic noise exposure?
On the other, they habituate users to the speed and convenience of such services, making going back to slower data rates particularly unappealing.
It could be that if people play these types of computer games at home and habituate to the appearance of motion, they'll experience less motion sickness in the real world," he said.
Repeated exposure to the testing environment is thought to allow the volunteer to habituate to the anomalies of that environment and thus yield results from the plateau of the learning curve that can be compared with results from future testing.