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Experimental millipedes exposed to repeated vibrations did habituate while control millipedes, exposed to only two vibrations, did not.
If they habituate, what are the physiologic costs; if they persist, what are the long-term health effects?
More than one test is needed to habituate the volunteer to achieve a level of comfort in the test environment that will optimize compliance and reproducibility of functional responses.
If the spiritual disciplines I have listed in triplets above are truly means of God's delectable grace, they will form habits instead of needing to be habit formed; they will habituate the Christian like the delightful taste of human food habituates the fox.
Let the entire POSCO Family habituate to safety as the first step in realizing `POSCO the Great.
These skills take time to develop and habituate," she says, "so start early.
Stosur, who has been given the time to get clay courts out of her system in her effort to habituate herself to grass with an earlier-than-expected defeat at the French Open, said that she is enjoying playing on grass and admitted that she should have done that a long time ago.
You enjoyed doing your best to habituate them, to groom them into accepting what you did to them.