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Numerous gray squirrels on the campus of Henderson State University were habituated to people (i.
PEOPLE PERSON It is hard to describe how important it is that pup be habituated to people.
Both Kundra and Meiyppan were habituated to betting, with Meiyappan reportedly having lost large sums of money.
He is not a drugs baron, he is a habituated user who has become embroiled.
Frequent interruptions with often irrelevant information have habituated users to constantly glancing at their phones, afraid of missing some critical piece of data or communication," said Felice Miller Gabriel, Delvv's President and Founder.
Stopping the invasion of species and addressing the impact of habituated invasive species requires public awareness and action, and awareness and action by policy decision makers.
Abu Camp Abu Camp in Botswanaas Okavango Delta is world famous due to itas herd of habituated elephants which one rides or walks with through the bush, although their star bed is not new, it hasnat gained that much publicity which is complete madness as it is truly magical.
Wesley saw all of these as means of grace and encouraged the Christian to become habituated in practicing all of them in a balanced way.
People gradually become habituated to the drug, obtaining one refill after another and persuading their doctors to approve ever-larger doses.
It seems that people with high PDB exert self-control more often and over time may get habituated to self-control," said Mittal.
In politics, we are habituated to focus only on elections.
If the younger generation could experience how it was to live in my era, they would be up in arms and would not tolerate these abominations to which they have become habituated.